About Green Roof Solutions

About Green Roof Solutions

Green Roof Solutions was founded in 2005 with the goal of bringing high-quality green roof components to the market in the United States to support the then young American green roof industry. Early on, green roofs were built using materials that were shipped over from Europe, because products were not available within the United States. We are proud to say that in the past seven years, we have grown to provide primarily American-made products throughout North America and beyond. We are focused on quality, and we are confident that we have the best products available for green roofs, living walls, and other green building products.

Our main facility is located in the Chicago area in order to be centrally located for efficient distribution of our products. We also have partners across the United States to provide the most efficient and sustainable method of getting products like media and plants to your project. Contact us to see if specifying our products for your job can qualify you for LEED credit, as most of our products are made in America with high recycled content.

We are always focused on improvement and will be continuing to develop and bring new products and services to market. Please stop by regularly to see what is new.

Photo courtesy of Intrinsic Landscaping.

All products made in the United States unless otherwise noted