All Green Roof Solutions products made in America

All products made in the USA unless otherwise noted.

Green Roof Solutions
Green Roof Solutions lightweight expanded clay or shale aggregate layer with a 16-gauge stainless steel conduit drainage system.
Aggredrain and Drainage Conduit

Aggredrain is a lightweight aggregate drainage layer made of rotary-kiln expanded clay aggregate and/or expanded shale. Aggredrain is most commonly used at a 1" minimum depth over a moisture retention mat, GRS MRM 14 or GRS MRM 30. A filter fabric layer on top should separate the Aggredrain from the growing media.

The Green Roof Solutions drainage conduit is a stainless steel channel for use with the Aggredrain system. The 6" slotted triangle shape is used beneath the Aggredrain layer and allows for water to flow freely. The channel is designed to be laid end to end and terminates either in the ballasted, unplanted roof area or adjacent to the GRS inspection chamber-covered roof drain. The bottom edge lies flat against the roof to prevent rooftop penetration. GRS drainage conduit is made from 80% recycled 16-gauge stainless steel.