Green Roof Solutions erosion control systems to prevent wind erosion and water erosion on rooftop gardens.

Erosion Control

Wind erosion of green roof media is a serious issue that needs to be addressed on each green roof installation. Scouring winds can quickly displace recently installed media, sending it off the building. This is hard on plants, can result in duplicative work for the installing contractor, and poses liability issues for the building owner. Our erosion control system keeps the media on the roof as the plants root in.

Wind Erosion Control System

The patented Green Roof Solutions Wind Erosion Control System is a combination of an erosion blanket with specially designed anchors that are specifically engineered for use in green roof systems. The system works with both our fine and coarse coir-based erosion control blankets. Typically, the fine blanket is used when plugs are installed and the coarse blanket is used with cuttings.

Erosion Blanket

Product Made in Sri Lanka

The erosion blanket is one part of the GRS erosion control system. The blanket is what holds the green roof media down and protects it from wind scour. We offer two different blanket options depending on how you are installing the vegetation.

Fine coir erosion blanket is great when plugs are to be planted. Install the erosion system after the media has been placed, then plant the plugs through the erosion blanket.

Coarse coir erosion blanket is perfect when sedum cuttings are used to vegetate the roof. The coarse weave of this blanket allows the cuttings to breathe as they root in. For this method, the erosion anchors are installed in the media, the cuttings are spread, and then the blanket is placed and held in place with the anchor discs.

Erosion Anchors

Erosion anchors are what keep the erosion blanket on the roof. The patented design allows the anchor to use the weight of the media as ballast to hold the anchor base down and the disc locks on to keep the erosion blanket from blowing away.

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