Green Roof Solutions inspection chambers fit over the roof drain, keeping green roof materials away from the drain, preventing rooftop garden clogs.

Inspection Chambers

11" IC / 18" IC / IC with extension

Green Roof Solutions drain inspection chambers are the perfect solution for boxing out roof drain assemblies in a green roof build-up. Our 18-gauge stainless steel inspection chambers fit over the roof drain body and keep ballast away from the drain. The slots in the sides of the inspection chamber allow adequate flow to the drain, while the removable snap-on lid prevents debris from clogging the drain.

We offer 11" wide and 18" wide square chambers that are 4.25" tall. For deeper situations, Green Roof Solutions offers vertical extensions that snap into the assembly and provide additional height in 1", 3", and 8.5" height increments.

Green Roof Solutions offers a lockable option for high wind applications.

All products made in the United States unless otherwise noted