Skilled Green Roof Solutions leak test technicians use low-voltage electric pulses to identify and isolate any breaches in waterproof membranes.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection

In planning your green roof design and installation, maintaining a waterproof seal is priority number one. Utilizing electronic leak detection will help you accurately locate leaks if they occur. Knowing if your seal is vulnerable in real time can prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem over time. Electric Field Vector Mapping® (EFVM®) was created by International Leak Detection® and is the industry-leading method for green roof leak detection. International Leak Detection® is our preferred service provider with decades of experience and trained technicians.

EFVM® is a low-voltage test method that creates small electrical pulses directed onto the membrane to search for a ground connection. A water-tight membrane will isolate the potential difference, while breaches in the membrane will cause an electrical connection to occur. Certified inspectors read the directional flow of the current with a potentiometer to locate the point of entry with pinpoint accuracy. The EFVM® technicians then complete the test by conducting a visual inspection of all wall junctions, perimeter details, and membrane penetrations. All breaches are numbered to allow for repairs by the waterproofers onsite and are retested to confirm watertightness. A report follows with picture documentation of every breach and a detailed drawing noting the wire placement and breach locations. The EFVM® test is a non-destructive method to accurately test the integrity of waterproofing membranes with green roof overburden.

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Photo courtesy of International Leak Detection, Des Plaines, IL.

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