Green Roof Solutions provides blended lightweight growing media specifically formulated to match to the local environmental needs of your area and type of sustainable design.


Green roof media is arguably the most critical layer for a successful green roof project. This is not topsoil that we are providing, rather a blended lightweight growing media that is specifically designed for use in green roofs. We work with media blenders across the country to provide regionally specific media for your area, close to your project.

View our media coverage map to see our media blender coverage areas.

Media Packaging Options: Bulk / Super Sacks / Small Bags

Depending on your project, we offer media in three different packaging options. We can ship you loose, bulk media if you have access to bring the media up to the roof using a blower truck or other method that is compatible with loose material. We can provide super sacks that hold 1.5-2 cubic yards of material. These are hoisted using a crane and emptied on the roof. Lastly, we can provide bags of 1-1.5 cubic feet that are stacked on pallets and are able to be carried one at a time for roofs that are more difficult to access. Exact size within the range for super sacks and small bags varies by region. Contact us for quotes and sizes.

Media Categories

Extensive (less than 6 inches). Engineered for extensive green roofs with a media depth of 6 inches or less. Suitable for shallow rooting green roof plants such as sedum, sempervivum, and other drought-tolerant species. Green Roof Solutions extensive media is our lightest media blend for green roof systems requiring less than 45 pounds of saturated system weight. High porosity allows the media to retain moisture in a storm event. This characteristic promotes retention of up to 90% of a 1" event during a 24-hour period for a 4" profile depth.

Semi-Intensive (6-12 inches). Semi-intensive systems are typically characterized by media depth typically between 6" and 12". Allows for a slightly wider choice of vegetation than extensive roofing systems, including grasses and deeper-rooting perennial flowers. May require irrigation. It is a heavier growing media component at 7 to 8.5 pounds per inch of depth per square foot.

Intensive (more than 12 inches). GRS intensive media is blended to support growth of a wider variety of plants in the green roofing and roof garden environment. The intensive green roof is generally a green roof system that can support shrubs and trees and the widest variety of plants in a roof garden. The media for these types of projects range from 12" deep to many feet deep.

Turf (6-12 inches). GRS turf mix is our blend of media for green roof turf applications. We use higher organic content for turf lawns that require more nutrients and moisture content than sedum green roof plants. Our turf mix has a higher porosity than grade landscape mix, because too much moisture retention is bad for rooftop lawns that require irrigation. Similar to semi-intensive systems, green roof turf systems require at least a 6" profile depth because grasses are relatively deep-rooting plants.

Planter Mix

This media is a mix that is higher in organic content and perfect for raised planters that will be supporting heavier feeding plants, like trees, shrubs, and many annuals and perennials.

All products made in the United States unless otherwise noted