Tournesol Siteworks planters and irrigation

Tournesol Siteworks planters and irrigation

Tournesol's Planters and integrated Irrigation systems are ideal for situations that require a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing solution. Available in FRP fiberglass and lightweight GFRC concrete, these planters are available in a huge range of sizes. The planters and pots are designed to be durable and long-lasting, even in harsh high-traffic environments.

The integrated Irrigation options make maintaining pots easy. Hand watering is labor intensive and it isn't practical to run automatic irrigation to every plant, the unique water sensor system in Tournesol's Irrigation products combines water efficiency with labor efficiency.

Green Roof Solutions carries all of Tournesol Siteworks planters and pots, including the popular Wilshire Collection.

Materials & Finishes - Metal Infused finishes (Aluminum, Bronze, Copper and Iron) combine the light weight and durability of FRP with the natural patina of real metal. The metal will oxidize naturally, depending on the location and condition of the installation. For those that love the look of the metal but want to keep the color the way it starts, we offer a Metal Matched Paint that simulates the color. Our economical standard paint finishes use a high-quality industrial grade acrylic enamel in a variety of architectural colors.

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All products made in the United States unless otherwise noted