All Green Roof Solutions products made in America

All products made in the USA unless otherwise noted.

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Green Roof Solutions nearly unbreakable layers of clear polycarbonate backings for flat or curved green walls.

These sheets are perfect as lightweight, rigid backer sheets for living wall applications or for cold frames. Made of two sheets of clear polycarbonate with a corrugated middle layer, they provide excellent separation from an existing wall where a living wall is to be installed.

These sheets can also be used to create curved backings when held in place with a frame. These multi-wall sheets are lightweight and highly flexible, yet nearly unbreakable.

If polygal has been punctured (e.g. if staples or screws go through all walls), the product is no longer water or moisture proof, but can be covered with the Orange Peel membrane for damp proofing.

This product is available in 4' widths, cut to the desired length and priced per square foot. Contact us for a quote.