Green Roof Solutions - advanced roofing for CTA headquarter's LEED gold building.

Roof Protection

Air Layers: ALHD / ALW

The Green Roof Solutions air layers serve multiple purposes. Their main function is to incorporate a thin layer of air within the profile of a green roof system while also providing lateral water movement. These products work in conjunction with the primary drainage component within the green roof system. Common uses of the GRS air layers are to alleviate constant moisture against the membrane in a conventional system or against extruded insulation in an inverted system. GRS air layer products are ideal because they are flexible and lightweight and can withstand heavy loads.

Green Roof Solutions ALHD is a high-density polyethylene(HDPE) composite product with filter fabric bonded to both sides. The GRS ALHD works by creating space for water to evaporate within the high-density core. This is ideal when a high load capacity is needed.

Green Roof Solutions ALW is a composite product made of recycled polypropylene bonded to a white filter fabric on one side. It is ideal for inverted assemblies with a protection fleece layer.

Root Barriers: RB20 / RB30/ RB40

Green Roof Solutions root barriers are the dividing line between the green roof assembly and the roofing membrane for certain roofing/waterproofing systems. This flexible, tear- and puncture-resistant material keeps roots from penetrating the roofing membrane and causing leaks. Seams are overlapped from 6-12" and are taped to provide a continuous layer between the green roof and the roof membrane/waterproofing. Our root barriers are made of virgin polyethylene with a carbon black additive to ensure UV resistance. GRS root barriers do not contain plasticizers, which can migrate to the surface and react with roofing membranes.

GRS root barriers come in 20 mil, 30 mil, and 40 mil thickness, depending on the application.

RB20 is the most common root barrier product used for extensive green roof systems. It is ideal for systems that have typical green roof plants such as sedums, which have shallow roots and will not present a lot of penetration pressure.

RB30 is most common in intensive green roofs and roof gardens that will have more aggressive and larger plants like perennials and grasses. The thicker sheet provides additional protection and peace of mind that roots will not penetrate.

RB40 is a very heavy-duty sheet that is recommended when very aggressive rooting plants are installed. This has been used effectively with bamboo, but we recommend caution when installing bamboo on any roof due to the aggressive nature of the root system. Please call with questions regarding RB40 applications.

Root Barrier Tape: Double-sided/Single-sided

Green Roof Solutions root barrier tape is specially designed to seal layers of polyethylene-based GRS root barrier together. GRS root barrier tape is made of black butyl rubber and comes in double- and single-sided tape.

Protection/Moisture Mat: PM10.5 / PM18 / PM30

Green Roof Solutions protection mats are specially designed, needle-punched fleece made of 100% recycled polyester and polypropylene fibers. Our protection mats are multifunctional products compatible with multiple membranes for use as a first layer of protection on the waterproofing membrane or above the root barrier. Protection Mats are used to protect against mechanical damage and damage during construction, and as a base under rigid drainage products and green roof trays. Protection mats can also be used above the drainage system to retain stormwater. The highly retentive qualities of this fabric provide a slow, evaporative release of moisture for green roof plants from deep in the green roof system. GRS protection mats come in three weights, 10.5 oz, 18 oz, and 30 oz. GRS protection mat comes in rolls that are easy to install and provide excellent membrane protection.

All products made in the United States unless otherwise noted