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All products made in the USA unless otherwise noted.

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Green Roof Solutions sedum vegetated mats
Vegetated Mats

The best way to describe vegetated mats is that they are basically sedum sod. Each of our mats is planted with multiple varieties of sedum and is shipped to your site with approximately 80% plant coverage. They are then rolled out onto the growing media, and you have an instant "green" green roof.

SMAT is a vegetated mat grown on a substrate of coconut coir with a thin nylon mesh. The mix of 12-14 sedum species is sowed via cuttings on a thin layer of growing media incorporated into the mat. The plants are allowed to root into the substrate and will come to the site as mature rolls.

XMAT is avegatated mat grown in a substrate of nylon entanglement that holds the growing media and allows the sedum roots to intertwine with the nylon to hold the system together. These are available with or without an added moisture retention fleece.